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Hello Grant! 

Here is my testimonial...

My friend and I spent 5 glorious days at the Reef House in Fiji.  We were greeted by a friendly face as soon as we landed on Malolo Lailai Island, and taken right up to the house.  Pictures do not do the Reef House ANY justice.  It is a beautiful home, with a large wrap around deck, amazing view of the Ocean from the back yard - and so quiet and peaceful.  The housekeeper, Vukei, came over just to introduce herself and she was so sweet.  We never even knew she was there - she came when we were out and made the place like new for when we returned!  The staff at the Musket Cove and Plantation Island resorts were so kind and friendly.  We met so many of the local residents, and they showed us around the island and shared their stories with us.  Sitting at the Island Bar after a day at the pool was a perfect afternoon past time.  I highly recommend the 3 (or 4) Island Hop tour - and if you want something different, Plantation Island resort is great for the family or just for a change of scenery.  

We have been home for a month now and I will always have fond memories of my stay at the Reef House!  I hope to get back one day - it was truly paradise!

Kelly Ferguson

Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

May 2009




Oh to be on Mololo as the sun sinks into the sea,

The burning ocean sunset stirs the soul in me.

The ocean breaks over the outer reef, bringing life back to the shore,

The full moon as if a spotlight, lights up this natures show galore.

The cats and dogs lazily sleep in the cooling of the day,

As the frogs and gecko’s leap and dart, down around Reef House way.

The stars hang like diamonds, to touch so close at hand,

Casting jeweled pools upon the ocean, aqua wonderland,

The sound of silence is deafening, as loud as any roar,

As the reef releases the ocean, lapping at the shore.

The aroma of the wild flowers and ocean, fills my mind,

A cool breeze from a far off place caresses my face so kind.

Ah, but I’m stuck here in a traffic jam, sitting in exhaust fumes,

Waiting to get to work, on a cold Sydney day in June.

But my mind is floating drifting to Fiji so far away,

Oh to be at the Reef House, on a June Winters holiday.


Hi Grant,


Yes we are back home and into the normal work of life in Sydney.

 We had a great time at your house, it suited two families down to the ground. Plenty big enough, with good amenities, the beds were comfortable, clean sheets and towels always turned up, the house always cleaned to perfection, air conditioner used every night, and the deck used constantly, night and day.

We enjoyed everything the island had to offer, the kids had a ball, cycling around with no real dangers, the resort looked after our every need, and made us feel very welcome.

We enjoyed a few meals at the island bar,  mixing with the yachting crowd, Ross was ready to sell up and sail away.

The only complaint is that a week at the Reef House passed a lot quicker than a week at work!

Sadly the fishing was off, both in close and outside, I guess its back to Botany Bay.

Hopefully we will be able to return real soon?


Hope you like the poem, it sums up, how we felt on Mololo.


Regards, Mal, Ross, Karen, Lyn and kids


Thanks for the use of your Reef House at Musket Cove.  We had a fabulous holiday and loved Musket Cove.  Having young children who really need their own sleeping space, made booking a holiday in Fiji a bit of a challenge for our two families – but your house, with all the bedrooms, was just perfect for us.  It was fantastic to all be able to stay under the one very comfortable roof all together and there was plenty of space for us all. 

Having the ability to self-cater was fantastic for families with young children. 

The snorkelling and diving trips were great, and we had a blast using the hobby cat and windsurfers at Musket Cove. 

Loved the people, loved the resort, loved the weather, and your house was just what we needed.  We’re already sorting out a week for us all to return next year!


Jill Edwards
Finance and Administration Manager
Challenge Marine Ltd

P.O. Box 5052 Port Nelson Ph 03 546 7800 Fax 03 546 8886

June 2-7
I stayed at Reef House at Musket Cove as a part of a small group of six, we were looking for an option that was going to be most financially beneficial as we were only going for just a short time, so package deals were not an option. We were very lucky to find Reef House!
 We were all adults aged between 25-35, and were all arriving at different times and had different schedules, because of this Reef House was perfect, since it is a house we were able to use it like living at home. On arrival to Musket Cove we were met at either the wharf or airport (I was met at the Wharf) from the Malolo Cat, by staff of the resort and our luggage and person were taken to Reef House.
 Reef House itself was ideal, its privacy and location were great with is large deck with is great for entertaining, spacious living areas with good sized bedrooms and the two bathrooms, including the luxury of the house being serviced everyday as it being apart of the resort.
 We were able to self cater mainly only for breakfast as there are some great options for lunch and evening dining at Musket Cove resort and at Plantation Island resort.
 My only reservation about Reef House would be its proximity to all amenities, it is quite a walk from Plantation Island resort and to the shop but there are options of renting cycles and/or golf carts from the resorts.  And for what you are getting its really a minor.
 I'd recommend Reef House highly for a family and as a young person perfect for a group of friends just wanting to rent a home away from home on a beautiful island. With what both Musket Cove and Plantation Island have to offer...snorkeling, golf, kayaking, swimming, boat makes it a great place to visit.

Emma Moore
Balclutha- NZ

Just a quick note to thank you for the accommodation at Reef House Fiji. We had a fantastic time and enjoyed every moment,  you are so lucky to own a house in such a great location. The House was more than we expected, and maids arrived every day to clean up. Reef House was so quiet and we could prepare our meals when it suited or visit the resort restaurant. Our holiday seemed to be longer than our 11 day stay and we tried as many activities as we could fit in. The weather was just the best with the water temperature great for snorkeling. We highly recommend Reef House and Malolo Lailai Island as a holiday destination.
Well back to reality now, losing our tans and confronting the New Zealand winter.

Kind regards
Wayne, Fiona, Gary, Karl Keoghan
Keith Keoghan & Pip Caddy
New Zealand.

Gidday Grant

The house was great as was the resort and facilities. will certainly be
recommending it to any one heading to Fiji. The wedding went off without a hitch the newly weds and the guest loved Fiji. Would recommend to any keen fishers to stock up on tackle before getting to fiji I found it hard to find any to buy.

Thanks again we didn't want to leave.

Dan and the guys. 

Queensland, Australia

Hi Grant and Amy

We had a great time at Reef House. The Kids loved having access to the resort pool, and adults loved being able to access the resort bar, restaurant etc. My friend and I had some of the best surfing we’d ever had! The guys on the boats were very reliable and called us at the house and gave us good honest advice on the conditions. As such we managed to get both “Wilkes” as well as “Namoutu lefts”. A truly fantastic feeling sitting in the line up with a few guys (and some gals) under clear blue skies in clear warm water as tropical fish play in the waves and amongst the stunningly beautiful coral. I do suggest you arrange your holiday to coincide with early morning high tides to increase the chance of a fantastic surfing experience.

Eugene Clayton
Auckland, New Zealand

Bula, Grant & Amy!

Reef House is a bit off the beaten track, perfect for people who want to
have near-total privacy but still be able to access the facilities of a nice

The master bathroom has clearly gotten a makeover and is quite nice, and the hardwoods used throughout the house on both floors and walls are lovely. The beds are decently firm (to my taste anyway) and linens are very good quality - always nice to see! We had very little trouble with mosquitoes, and I never saw a cockroach whilst we were there.

Musket Cove is about 10 minutes walk from the house - we initially
considered renting a golf cart but in the end we never needed it. We enjoyed walking the lovely path along the spine of the island in the mornings (my son is an early riser!) and exploring the rocky beach behind the house for what the tide had brought in. Afternoons we were usually at the Musket Cove pool or exploring the island, and we all trooped back around 5pm for showers and baby bedtime before heading to one of the resort restaurants for dinner.
(Our choice - given the well-equipped general store at the resort and the
BBQ/hotplate at the house, you could easily cook for yourself every night.)

The staff who service the house were an unexpected bonus: Enoki the groundskeeper became fast friends with my 18-month-old on the first day and proceeded to take him for a ride in the wheelbarrow every morning after that, and the lovely maid, Loreni was very helpful and even left a gift of spa soap for the baby one day. We also engaged the services of a fantastic babysitter for the evenings when we were out, enabling us all to relax and have a good time at dinner.

Overall, our holiday at Reef House was very enjoyable, and the house worked really well as a vacation "home base" for our family (myself, my husband and son, plus my father and sister, who met us in Fiji from the US). If we return, we would almost certainly stay there again - it's quite difficult to find true family accommodation in Fiji if you want privacy and don't want to pay a fortune!

Thanks to the Ingram's for sharing their island getaway with the rest of us!

Cheers and Vinaka,
Amanda, Steve and James Hayes
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Hi Grant
Yes we had a great time thank you. The house was perfect and the staff at Musket Cove very helpful. The only negative was the tide was out during the day which makes sea swimming difficult. But as a family we had a great time with lots of snorkeling, kayaking and it was good to be able to relax at the end of the day over a few drinks on our own very large deck! I will certainly tell people about your house if they are planning a Fiji holiday.

Thank you very much
Caroline Martin


It's crazy being back in the real world! It helps that I am much more tanned than my co-workers!

I can't thank you guys enough for letting us use your home in Musket Cove.

We had a wonderful relaxing holiday. 4 of us stayed the full 12 nights, and a couple a bachelors joined us for a week each during our stay.

We all hired bikes to get around on, which was a life-saver, great for picking up groceries, and getting back from the swimming pool without getting too hot again! They also made the trips over to Plantation Resort a little less strenuous.

Housekeeping was a blessing; our housekeeper even did all our dishes everyday for us! We only had a couple of days of wind and rain, but still managed to get our swims in, we just hired a couple of videos from the boutique, (we also brought along our own DVDs.) We enjoyed watching the wicked electrical storms on the horizon.

We befriended the cat that lives under the house, and even managed to sneak a peek at her 3 kittens. (One is Black, One Tabby like mum, and the other is black and white).

We met Weiss, who kept us in good supply of local produce, paw paw, mango, and even fish for breakfast; he even enlisted his wife's help to do the filleting for us! We used the BBQ everyday for breakfast and dinner, we found ourselves at Dicks place for lunch quite often, and we can recommend the toasted sandwiches, accompanied by the cocktail of the day!

On the 2nd night we ran out of gas for the BBQ, we rang reception, but the Trader was closed so our bottle couldn't be filled, but maintenance/housekeeping worked their magic, and found a bottle somewhere for us, so we didn't go hungry!

My brother really enjoyed the Fiji Bitter, and learnt really quickly to take advantage of the $2.50 delivery service from the bar. We love the swimming pool in Musket Cove (it’s bigger than our house!). MCR staff were helpful and welcoming to us. MCR is certainly busy at the moment with a lot of building going on. The proximity of the Reef House is perfect; we were pleased we didn't have to ascend a hill to get there!! Even after we returned the bikes, the walk wasn't at all stressful.  

I have plenty more that I can say about your place, but I am sure there is nothing you don't already know.

We thank you again, and will recommend the Reef House to anyone who will listen. I think Brian's colleague Mark has already booked the Reef House for his Family next year.

Kind Regards,

Tania Read and Brian Gasteen, Tony and Sarah Little, Karl Read, and Geoff Hart.

Hi Grant & Amy!!

WE LOVED IT! A very good time was had by all the girls, we totally relaxed and managed to easily slip into island time. What a great house you have. Just far enough away from everything.

It was a real pleasure to stay there and if we had the chance we'd do it all again! In fact, I didn't want to leave!

Please keep me posted on any up and coming deals you have, I am sure I can convince a few of my friends and family to venture there next year!

This is what we had to put up with ...............a hard life! 

Cheers and Keep in touch
Jane Bonar           
all my photos

Bula Grant and Amy,

What a wonderful holiday we had.  So much so that I want to go back again.  The heat was horrendous and my feet swelled up from the first day making it hard to walk at times but I would still go back, I think I must have looked a bit like a duck waddling along the roads. The scenery was out of this world and the most beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen, one couldn't ask for more with the crystal clear blue waters. I loved the fact that your house is only a couple of minutes walk to the water and when the tide is right, you are able to walk over to one of the islands opposite. The Fijian people are beautiful people.  Except for the poor wages, I think I could get used to living there and I am sure I would get accustomed to the heat. Things were a little dearer than expected and we didn't like Nadi very much, but I did fall in love with Musket Cove.  Neil and I went to one of the villages to Church on the Sunday.  It was great.   I had to laugh at walking into Church in thongs and then up to Communion in bare feet. We were made very welcome and the Minister even took the time to translate some of the sermon into English for us.  It was incredible to hear the sermon in Fijian. My only complaint is that my suntan will now fade with the Australian winter. (Need to get back to Musket Cove to preserve it.) Anyway, thank you Grant and Amy for allowing us to stay in your lovely house.  We fell in love with Lo the house keeper that we had, I would dearly love to bring her back to Australia to live with us.  She was priceless and fantastic, always smiling and happy and a lovely nature as is the same for all the Fijian people we met on the island.  When we left on the last day she gave me a beautiful bracelet and earrings.  She is a beautiful natured young woman.  We will miss the hospitality that was shown to us by Fiji.

Cheers again and Vinaka

Anne and Neil Akers


Victoria, Australia

Bula Grant and Amy,

As you can imagine, we had a fantastic time in Fiji and didn't want to leave.

The first week at the Sheraton Denarau was very relaxing and apart from a few trips to Nadi for meals and the market just acclimatized and sunned ourselves around the pools. I did more swim training than the girls, although it was done entirely to the swim up bars!

Merrin managed to win the "Veteran Female" (40yrs +) section of the Castaway Island Swim which she was very pleased with especially as she also beat home the first Veteran Male swimmer. The Fiji Triathlon also went very well and it was good to spend time with and get to know a lot of the other athletes. Enjoyed a couple of games of Golf at the Denarau Golf & Racquet Club which is an excellent golf course.

We all just loved the week at Musket Cove and the enchantment began from the moment we boarded the "Malola Cat" on the Monday morning.

The hospitality and friendliness of the locals was sensational and just makes an already beautiful place even more enjoyable.

We celebrated Merrin's birthday at "Dicks Place" and they really made a fuss of her, right down to the "Serenaders" singing happy birthday to the delicious home made B'day cake.

A highlight was taking a trip out to Cloudbreak reef with Dave & Judy on their beautiful boat. The Globe world surf event was on and to watch from such close quarters was surreal. They had a few lay days waiting for better swells, so a lot of the surfers spent time at Musket Cove instead of Tavarua. In fact one night we partied at the Island Bar with the top fifteen surfers in the world and their mates which absolutely made our two boys green with envy! as they are avid surfers in Aust. 

"Reef House" was all we expected and more. Didn't spend a lot of time their during the day (too much to do) but had spent a couple of beautiful balmy nights relaxing outside on the decking.

Spent a lot of time snorkeling and went out to the reefs and sandbar most days which was fantastic.

Didn't make the golf course at Musket Cove but it looks ok, just ran out of time.

Must apologise for not filling in the visitors book Grant but all of a sudden we were rushing to get the ferry back but as you probably have gathered we loved everything about your house and Musket Cove and can't wait to get back again sometime soon. Merrin might defend her swim title in two years time. Just need to back a winner at Melb. Cup time.

Once again thanks for everything and please keep me on your "Mailing List"

Vinaka, Phil & Merrin McTaggart

Bula Grant and Amy,

 We loved staying at Musket Cove and enjoyed the Reef House tremendously thank you!

One of the activities staff awarded the boys in my family as being the most active at Musket Cove! Mike and the boys were never still, water skiing, snorkelling, surfing, sailing Kyaking, wind surfing etc.. I read 3 books which is certainly my idea of a good holiday.

Also I must say it was great to meet your daily housekeeper Vukei, she was just delightful and we do have a photo which I will get David our son to send!

Anyway great feed back.

All the best

Kathy & Michael

Hi Grant & Amy,

Hope you and the family are well. We have been home about a week now and have got back into the routine of normal life.

Our stay at Reef house was very good, we all enjoyed the Island and the bikes came in very handy. Most days we had the beach and pool to ourselves, the Island was very quite.

Christmas eve was really magical, the resort staff and their children sang us carols on the beach at night. Left to right is Nicky (wife), Me, Granddaughter (Sophie), Daughter (Samantha) and James my son.

The weather was very warm and most of our time was spent either in the pool or sea, we just loved the fruit tango's from the bar and the food was different but very good. We did miss not having Christmas day at home with friends and family , but the resort staff made us feel very welcome and of course spending the day by the pool was a great bonus.

Your house keeper was great and we did appreciate the Christmas tree and lights around the sun deck, please pass on our thanks to her. We did go across to her island and visit the wood carvers, although when I tried to walk across, I was given the wrong time for low tide and got swept away and ended up on a sand bar, but at low tide the water was only ankle deep.

As you can see from the photo the sunsets were spectacular and we spent many nights on the beach watching the sun go down, it was so nice to have some time to unwind and relax before we had to move on to our next stop. We all enjoy Reef House and the Island and were glad to have made time to stop there and of course we would like to return  one day.

Many thanks for your help


Wayne Mills


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